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Travis Scale Company provides over 50 years of combined experience in scale service, repair, installation, and maintenance. Covering the area of Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas, Travis Scale Company is licensed in each of these states to place your scale in service with the state. With 24 hour service, Travis Scale Company is there when you need them, offering the highest quality of products and service in the most effective and professional manner possible.

Since 2002, Travis Scale Company has built its own prefabricated scale decks and cattle racks. Travis Scale uses force 10,000 concrete instead of the typical 3,500, which increases the strength and durability of the concrete. Prefabricated decks allow Travis Scale Company to meet the specific needs of the customers. Many different finishes are available, such as the jitterbug finish, broom finish, and cattle finish. The benefit customers most appreciate from the prefabricated decks is the fact that only a couple days of downtime are needed to install the deck, instead of the usual 3 weeks. Contact Travis Scale Company at (620) 626-5940 to discuss your individual needs with one of our licensed technicians.

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